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Enlightened Ways of Being Guided Meditation CD's and Training

Jerome Gross' selections of meditations from over 23 years of experience as Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness/Yoga/Meditation instructor, mind body spirit counselor, and energy body reader/healer.


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5 Day Meditation Course
YOGA with Jerome
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People have also purchased YOGA with Jerome for $25 to use yoga for meditation

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What you get in this meditation course!

- $350 value taught at retreats and to clients private sessions. As an Email Course your Price for $25

- 5 emails each containing a video and 1 or more audio meditations.

- Download Enlightened Way of Being Disc 1 with 6 guided audio meditations over ambient music.

- Download Enlightened Way of Being Disc 2 with 3 guided audio meditations and 2 audio training tracks. 

- Bonus The Inner Process Transformational Script. A General script that guides the user through 10 steps to resolve real inner conflicts of stress, fear, sadness or grief. Created by a transcription of a real session.

- Double Bonus! 1 FREE live phone consultation and coaching guidance ideally at the start of the course. Pick 1 issue or one result you would like to see from this course. (Optional you wil get a call and be asked if you want this service.)

- Free Follow up and post course vision. (Only if you opt-in to this service.


What you will learn in five Lessons!

Lesson 1:

Video on the many applications of guided deep relaxation training.

Audio Guided  Deep Relaxation.

Lesson 2:

Video What Is It That Satisfies The Soul!

Audio What Satisfies The Soul Meditation.

Lesson 3:

Video What is the inner wisdom that comes from mindfulness training.

4 Audio tracks. Mindfulness of the Body Sensations, Mindfulness of Breathing, Mindfulness of Emotions, and Mindfulness of Thoughts.

Lesson 4:

Main Feature. Video walk through to master an Enlightened Way of Being for inner guidance and wisdom.

Audio deeper guided practice. A variation of the Enlightened Way of Being Meditation.

Lesson 5:

Video Training in the power of compassion using Focusing.

4 audio tracks. Intro Guided Focusing, Guided Prep to Focusing, Explaining the Creature as Metaphor, Actual Guided Focusing 


"The messages in the meditations are calming and insightful. They lead the listener to find what they are needing." Elizabeth

"Your CD's are amazing. Your voice is so relaxing. I love the language you incorporate and the way you get your message across." Soheil